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OT-ISAC Welcomes Armis to its Alliance Partner Program

Singapore –21 October 2021 - Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) has announced that Armis has joined the community as an Alliance Partner to help support security among Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) owners and operators in Singapore and greater Asia Pacific.

“OT-ISAC is pleased to welcome Armis as a partner, to aid in enhancing cybersecurity and operational technology resilience among sectors that are vital to the people and economies of the region,” said John Lee, OT-ISAC Managing Director. “We are pleased to have the Armis team working with OT-ISAC members and analysts to enrich intelligence and expand our visibility in order to provide greater warning and mitigation of threats.”

OT-ISAC will leverage Armis for subject matter expertise on member webinars and calls, to exchange best practices to advance OT security, and additionally share information and warning on relevant and emerging threats.

OT-ISAC, a threat information sharing hub for companies working in CII, uses proven tools and technologies to aid member companies as they exchange details of OT and IT threats and attacks on their organizations, to prevent and quickly recover from damage caused by malicious actors.

Armis has extensive experience with securing connected devices, in the Internet of Things (IoT),” added Lee. “The IoT is a growing challenge in Operational Technology, as legacy devices are increasingly melded with new technology, so we are fortunate to have Armis joining the Alliance Partner Program to offer their insight.”

Actively accepting new members and intelligence or technology partners, OT-ISAC is committed to the security of asset owners and operators in Singapore and the advancement of resilience in greater Asia Pacific.




Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) is a secure threat information sharing community for Operational Technology-using companies headquartered in Asia Pacific. A member company can securely and anonymously share threat information with OT-ISAC analysts who further enrich and disseminate actionable alerts, intelligence and best practices for all community members to defend themselves and take mitigating action against malicious actors, their tools, and system exploits. OT-ISAC also partners with government, private vendors and other information sharing organisations to acquire and disseminate timely and relevant information for the resilience of member companies. Interested organisations in energy, water, and other OT-using sectors may contact AJ Eserjose to inquire about membership: Learn more on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit


About Armis

Devices often referred to as the Enterprise of Things devices, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or just the Internet of Things (IoT) are not designed with security or management in mind and cannot be protected in the same manner as traditional devices. This makes them valuable targets for malicious exploitation.

This has resulted in a huge security blindspot for businesses - devices they can’t see, can’t protect, and hackers are exploiting.

Armis® is the leading unified asset visibility & security platform designed to address the new threat landscape created by connected devices. Fortune 1000 companies trust our real-time, continuous, and agentless protection to see all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices with full context, including medical devices (IoMT), operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS).

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