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OT-ISAC Forms Information Sharing Relationship with SIGA OT Solutions

Singapore – 23 November 2020 - Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) has announced a cooperative agreement with SIGA OT Solutions to advance the security of asset owners and operators in Asia Pacific.

“OT-ISAC seeks partner organizations that can improve the cybersecurity and resilience of asset owners and operators working in energy, water, shipping and other critical sectors in the region,” said John Lee, OT-ISAC Managing Director.


“SIGA OT Solutions fits into the OT-ISAC mission by providing protocol agnostic solutions for OT and anomaly monitoring and detection.”

Working together, OT-ISAC and SIGA OT Solutions can exchange threat information to benefit member organizations providing much depended upon services to the region. SIGA’s tool use electrical signal-based analytics from an operational Level to maintain reliability, and can identify cyber attacks and malfunctions or inefficiencies in industrial control system assets, unaffected by the control network.

OT-ISAC, a threat information sharing hub for companies working in Critical Information Infrastructure, uses proven tools and technologies to aid member companies as they exchange details of OT and IT threats and attacks on their organizations, to prevent and quickly recover from damage caused by malicious actors.

Actively accepting new members and intelligence or technology partners, OT-ISAC is committed to the security of asset owners and operators in the region and the advancement of resilience in greater Asia Pacific.



Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) is a secure threat information sharing community for Operational Technology-using companies headquartered in Asia Pacific. A member company can securely and anonymously share threat information with OT-ISAC analysts who further enrich and disseminate actionable alerts, intelligence and best practices for all community members to defend themselves and take mitigating action against malicious actors, their tools, and system exploits. OT-ISAC also partners with government, private vendors and other information sharing organizations to acquire and disseminate timely and relevant information for the resilience of member companies. Interested organizations in energy, water, and other OT-using sectors may contact AJ Eserjose to inquire about membership: Learn more on Twitter and LinkedIn or visit


About SIGA OT Solutions


SIGA OT Solutions develops and markets unique OT & Cyber Security, protocol agnostic solutions based on raw electrical conditioning monitoring. The Siga technology provides OT monitoring directly from Level 0, anomaly detection and cybersecurity solutions for commercial, industrial, critical infrastructure, ICS and SCADA systems. . SIGA Solutions provides complete out-of-band unrivalled visibility and remote monitoring directly into physical processes to support intelligent, business-critical decision making SIGA OT Solutions uses machine learning and predictive analytics to identify real-time process abnormalities, whether due to a technical malfunction or a cyber-attack. SIGA’s products include SigaGuard, a comprehensive cyber cybersecurity solution for Operational Technology (OT) environments, offering the most advanced detection and analytics of cyber-attacks, and the SigaInsight, an Autonomous, IIoT Solution for Operational ICS Environments, Offering Anomaly and Process Inefficiencies Detection, and Advanced Industrial Analytics.

Siga Data Security and Siga OT Solutions Inc., a Delaware corporation, boasts satisfied customers in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Israel. SIGA holds approved U.S. Patents with additional patents pending and is certified with the information security standard ISO/IEC 27001. Siga was Named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Industrial IoT and OT Security” for 2018, awarded the European Union's "Seal of Excellence” and is a member of the EU's EnergyShield consortium. Learn more on

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