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OT-ISAC Digital Series: Maritime Control System Cybersecurity

As Maritime Industry continues to embrace digitalization and develop Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), onboard vessels are being networked together, becoming more complex heightening threat level.

It will also discuss policies, procedures and technical solutions that should be deployed with immediate effect by owners and. operators of relevant infrastructures such as IMO registered ships and shoreside facilities.

• What are the threats posing risks to the Maritime ecosystem and describes key cybersecurity incidents that could impact them?
• Understanding the Vulnerabilities, Main Challenges, and best practices to mitigate risk
• How collaboration becomes key ingredient in defence and protection of Maritime Cybersecurity?

·Receive warning of threats and urgent n

Date: May 27, 2021

Time: 10:30AM - 11:30 AM MNL


OT-ISAC Exclusive Dialogue: Extreme Visibility in  Securing Critical Infrastructure

Why protecting Critical Information Infrastructures still an uphill battle? Join us in this Panel Discussion as OT-ISAC Threat Intelligence Analyst, Simeon Tan sits down with Rod Jaucian, AVP, Operational Technology at Energy Company in the Philippines and Vijay Vaidyanathan, RVP, Solutions Engineering, APJ at Claroty to discuss some impact that pandemic situation has had on the OT environment and threat landscape.


It will also share insights on what are the key efforts that organization should focus on in protecting their critical assets.


Key Takeaways:

• OT Threat Landscape Global and Philippines

• What are the main elements in enhancing operational resilience?

• What should we do to build up effective workforce programmes today in protecting the OT environment / critical assets?

• How can information sharing improve the defence and protection of critical infrastructure?

• Recommendations to address these challenges


Date: May 4-7, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT


Building Resilience Against Evolving OT Threats

This session will examine the evolving OT threat landscape including ransomware attacks that have impacted OT environments and other emerging trends. The session will also cover mitigation strategies and best practices on how ICS asset owners and ICS operators can better prepare for ongoing and emerging OT threats issues and vulnerabilities.

February 23-24, 2021


Virtual Cybersecurity Summit: South East Asia 

ISMG, a global industry leader in information security news will host the first edition of 2021 South East Asia virtual summit series on February 23-24, 2021.


With the ongoing pandemic, cybersecurity professionals have been stretched plenty, for enhancing corporate agility and also reduce risk, to ensure resilience. As the region witnessed a meteoric rise in online fraud, phishing scams in 2020, CISOs are expected to rethink security and risk strategies in 2021.

Gain insight from the Cybersecurity Thought Leaders on the myths and realities about deploying new frameworks, applying lessons learned, and think strategically, moving beyond the assumption that a bigger team is the best way to respond to increased risk.

if an actual attack take place, does you

Date: April 8, 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM SGT

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OT-ISAC Exclusive Dialogue: "Successful Cyber-Risk Management of Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems

Asset owners and operators in Asia-Pacific have continuously embraced the benefits of digitalization, but with the  IT / OT convergence comes increased cyber risk to industrial systems and the pillars of civilization they empower. Legacy ICS components are not designed for digital transformation and, at times, the merge comes at the expense of protecting systems from the totality of threats.


This panel discussion will examine OT risk governance, technical management challenges and best practices during this rise of converged risk between OT and IT systems. It will also cover some of the technical measures that can be used to improve the security of OT devices.


Together we will review the overall  threat landscape to the Asia-Pacific region and recommendations for how organisations can partner with industry groups to improve their capacity for security.



John Lee, Managing Director at OT-ISAC (Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center )
Adam Palmer, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Tenable
Dick Bussiere, Security Technical Director at Tenable (1).png

Date: February 24, 2021

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT


AiSP Knowledge Series Webinar — Cyber Threat Intelligence

In an ever-increasing connected digital landscape, there are challenges for organizations to deal with evolving cyber physical threats. Legacy systems, supply chain risks among others add to the complexity of the problem.


Cybersecurity has been a growing concern and the threat is real with the numerous cyber-attacks of late.


Preparation for mitigating cyber risks need to be in tandem with business operation’s needs. The talk will give an overview of some tools and processes for using threat intelligence to defend the organization against cyber threats. It will also highlight the benefits of information sharing in a circle of trust. Information sharing following strict sharing guidelines helps to expand the intelligence of organizations.


Learning from other organizations and contributing to the community will increase the cyber maturity of the industry sectors.

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January 27-28, 2021


Cybersecurity for Critical Assets | APAC

Organisations are spending more than ever on cyber security, but cyber crime rates are still on the rise – particularly in Asia-Pacific. Providing the collaboration platform and expertise needed to revert this trend, the globally acclaimed Cyber Security for Critical Assets summit series takes place online for its 2nd Asian Pacific edition in 2021.

CS4CA APAC brings together 100’s of IT & OT security leaders online to network, learn, be inspired, and collaborate towards cyber resilience by exchanging first-hand expert information and joining forces in addressing common concerns.

if an actual attack take place, does you

January 14, 2020

4:00 PM SGT

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Industrial Cyber Security

Trends and Challenges in 2020

A deep dive into Industrial Cybersecurity Trends and Challenges in 2020.


The session will cover:

• 2020 ICS Threat Landscape
• Ransomware attacks that impacted OT environments in 2020
• Challenges in securing the “human factor” against ICS attacks
• Challenges in gathering quality and actionable information on ICS vulnerabilities
• Recommendations to address these challenges



Simeon Tan, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at OT-ISAC

Mikhail Berezin, Head of Kaspersky ICS CERT Product Management at Kaspersky ICS-Cert

November 25, 2020


EE-ISAC 15th Plenary

The upcoming EE-ISAC Plenary will be be covering topics on the European Energy sector with sessions including open discussion and information sharing on:

  • Showcase of EE-ISAC activities and upcoming projects

  • Presentation of EE-ISAC Task Forces

  • Input from Members and International Partners

  • Involvement in EU projects

The agenda and more information on the topics to be covered will be shared shortly. The event is free of charge to attend. It is an open meeting where quality experiences, realities and information will be exchanged in an open, transparent and trusted manner among colleagues. 

lazarus in 2020 (7).png

November 18, 2020

3:00 PM SGT


Fireside Chat:

How ICS-Focused Deceptive Technology Addresses New OT Security Vulnerabilities  in Critical Infrastructure?


  • John Lee Managing Director, GRF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

  • Gergo Gyebnar, Co- Founder,CIM Division, BSS Unit

  • Andras Patkai, CEO, BSS Unit          

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November 9, 2020


CISO Challenges and Opportunities

What keeps CISOs up at night? What challenges are they facing on a daily basis? And what opportunities are they seeing in the industry?

Join experts from leading security organizations as they discuss strategies, solutions and technologies CISOs use in the face of on-going security challenges:

- Strategies for breach prevention
- Strategies for making the most of AI technology and human talent
- New technologies on the horizon
- Security strategy recommendations

Image by National Cancer Institute

November 6, 2020

11:00 AM SGT


Intelligence Sharing for Cyber Resilience

"BD Cybersecurity Awareness Month"


  • John Lee Managing Director, GRF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


The speed of digital transformation will be increasing. It is forecasted that by 2025 the digital economy will be almost a quarter of the global GDP.  Cyber threats will increase amidst the accelerating digital revolution. Operational Technology (OT) threats are becoming a source of growing concern for governments and businesses. A breach in a Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) may impact critical services and safety as OT is used to provide these services. There are no “silver bullets” to remediating the problem as no one has all the answers. However by sharing information in a community of trust, following TLP rules, we can increase our situational awareness.  Steps can be taken to increase the cyber resilience of the organization leveraging on the knowledge and experiences of the community.” 


*Closed Door by Invite only Event     

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