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Why intelligence sharing is vital in the world of cyber defence?

John Lee, APAC Managing Director of the Global Resilience Federation, discusses how intelligence sharing can help organisations guard against today’s security risks

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Securing Singapore's Smart future, one lamp post at a time

This is a contributed content article by LogRhythm, a sponsor at the upcoming OT-ISAC Virtual Summit 2020.

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OT-ISAC forms intelligence partnership with

Kaspersky ICS- CERT

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IT & OT Convergence: Sizing Up the Security Risks

GRF APAC's John Lee on the Need for a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Policy

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Q&A: OT-ISAC Regional Director AJ Eserjose talks OT cybersecurity landscape

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OT-ISAC forms intelligence partnership with


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What are the key proactive approaches that prepare CII owners to cyber-attacks?

GRF APAC, Managing Director - John Lee shares his insights.

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Claroty Partners with Global Resilience Federation to Help ISAC Members Strengthen their Operational Technology (OT) Security. 

Claroty, the global leader in industrial cybersecurity, today announced that it has partnered with Global Resilience Foundation (GRF) to provide its members access to original threat research, best practices, and strategic content to help guide them as they converge their information technology (IT) security and operational technology (OT) security strategies.

CEO Bill Nelson on Looking Beyond the Pandemic

"In the future, if supplies become unavailable a business may be slowed but it should not be stopped. There must be alternative sources for supplies just as there are alternative sources for data, power etc. While production alternatives may not be quite as cheap or fast, they’re cheaper and faster than the alternative- shortages and complete stoppages.

Sustainability needs to be prioritized in the same manner as streamlining of costs."

Group-IB Partners with GRF to Ensure Resilience of Critical Infrastructure in Singapore and Beyond

Singapore, 29.11.2019 – Group-IB, a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that specializes in preventing cyberattacks, has partnered with the Global Resilience Federation (GRF). The agreement has been signed today by Ilya Sachkov, Group-IB CEO & founder, and GRF Vice President Cynthia Camacho, at CyberCrimeCom 2019 in Singapore.

OT-ISAC Launched to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks to Operational Technology Critical Information Infrastructure in Singapore

Singapore - 1 October 2019 - Global Resilience Federation Asia Pacific (GRF APAC), in partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), today announced the launch of the Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) to reduce cybersecurity risks to Operational Technology Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) in the city-state.

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