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OT-ISAC Year In Review 2021

Threats to Operational Technology (OT) networks remain high in 2020 as threat actors look to cause disruptions to critical services and industrial processes.


Last year, we witnessed an expansion in the OT cyber threat landscape driven by the rise in ransomware attacks targeting industrial organizations and the continued targeting of critical infrastructure by politically motivated threat actors.

This brief will provide insights on what we've seen in the OT Threat Landscape and learn more about the OT-ISAC membership make-up, the features of being a member, the type of information shared, as well as the technology the community uses and how OT-ISAC analysts work with security vendors to provide the most valuable and time-sensitive intelligence for your security team.

As we move forward in this journey, OT-ISAC growth strategy includes  innovation programmes, forging partnerships and strengthening  relationships with Asset Owners, Operators, Government, and other stakeholders in developing CII ecosystems around the region to enable our community better to defend itself and improve situational awareness.

Teal Lined Annual General Sales Report.p


Gain access in a knowledge exchanges and adoption of essential OT cybersecurity best practices, sector collaboration and benchmarks. 

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