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Safeguarding Critical Assets.




Mission Statement:

OT Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) facilitates sharing of tactical and strategic security details, providing early insight into emerging threats, detection techniques and containment measures.


Exchanged information includes vulnerabilities and attacks to OT systems and relevant IT applications affiliated with OT systems

Regularly engaging the OT-ISAC community through Member discussions, meetings and workshops to help strengthen relationships.

Using shared resources, members can enhance their security posture by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of peers to enhance preparedness, protection, and crisis management for their organization.

Defensive threat intelligence and mitigation information can be funneled directly to companies from other members, vendors, partners and a network of other communities from all over the world.


Members can gain warning of  threats or leverage solutions to attacks already discovered by the community.


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Image by Amr Taha™


OT-ISAC on Threat Intel Sharing, ICS Resilience

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Join OT-ISAC Community


Gain access in a knowledge exchanges and adoption of essential OT cybersecurity best practices, sector collaboration and benchmarks. 

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