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OT-ISAC Summit 2023

"Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Resilience:

Sharing Insights, Bolstering Defenses, and Mitigating Risk"

September 4 - 7, 2023 | voco Orchard Singapore

About the summit

Operational Technology (OT) threats pose a significant risk to critical infrastructure as they can target industrial control systems and other operational technology systems that are vital to the functioning of essential services. These threats include both cyber attacks and physical attacks, and can result in system downtime, data theft, or even physical damage to infrastructure.

To strengthen critical infrastructure resilience, it is essential to include OT threats in risk assessments and mitigation strategies, and to ensure that appropriate defenses are in place to protect against them. Sharing insights and best practices for OT security is crucial in this effort, as is ongoing collaboration between industry and government partners to identify emerging threats and develop effective responses.


By addressing OT threats as part of a comprehensive resilience strategy, we can better safeguard our critical infrastructure and ensure the continued delivery of essential services.

The theme of this year's summit is "Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Resilience: Sharing Insights, Bolstering Defenses, and Mitigating Risk," and it aims to address the challenges facing the OT industry and the role of the OT-ISAC in strengthening critical infrastructure resilience. The event will feature keynote speeches, technical sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

  • Overview of the evolving threat landscape and trends in cyber attacks on industrial control systems

  • Strategies for identifying and assessing cyber risks to industrial control systems

  • Best practices for securing industrial control systems against cyber attacks, including defense-in-depth approaches and threat modeling

  • Incident response planning and management for industrial control systems, including crisis communication and recovery strategies

  • Security testing and evaluation techniques for industrial control systems, including penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

  • Emerging technologies and their impact on ICS cybersecurity, such as AI/ML, IoT, and cloud computing

  • Regulatory compliance and industry standards for OT cybersecurity, including NIST and ISA/IEC 62443

  • The importance of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in securing industrial control systems

  • Case studies and real-world examples of cyber attacks on industrial control systems and their impact on critical infrastructure

  • Building partnerships and collaboration between public and private sector entities to enhance OT cybersecurity resilience.

September 4-5, 2023 (Pre-Event): TTX OT War Rooms at ICE71 
September 6, 2023 (Day 1):           OT Trainings
September 7, 2023 (Day 2):           Summit Presentations and Panel Discussions

Registrations will open on May 31, 2023

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